Welcome to Aftermath Whimsies!

Fused Glass art and creations, made with love in Decatur, Georgia, USA

The Path from Math.

The first time I cut glass was in 2000 when I taught my geometry students how to make kaleidoscopes. I was so happy, I knew it was going to be something I would continue to persue. I advanced to stained glass and grew even more excited and confident in my new found gift. After all, I’m a Math teacher, who knew this path of creativity lay dormant inside of me for so many years. After being introduce to fused glass, I realized my true passion.

Currently I am creating:

  • Light switch plates
  • Pocket vases (which are hung on the wall or other structures)
  • Wind chimes and light catchers
  • Lanterns and night lights
  • Magnets and seasonal goodies
  • Snowflakes


Please ask about my miscellaneous items. I’m always looking at new ways to inspire me. So, if you want something special just ask.Please visit my booth at some of the craft fair markets in the Atlanta and surrounding areas. You will find the dates, places and any other pertinent information on this page.

Until then… Thanks for stopping by.

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